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Production of renowned wines from native grapes IGP

Wines Conte Manduca

A person of integrity, lover of the truth at all costs, defender of the weak, guardian of values, traditions, religions and rules. He transmits these beliefs to the community to which he belongs and most of all to his family. Just part of the family is Paolo Buffa as the son in law, with dual citizenship, Italian and Maltese. Nostalgic of Sicily, he created this wonderful project, which finds its natural element in the city of Marsala where the vine, protagonist for centuries, is rooted. Just in the city of Marsala, motivated by his passion for the ancient traditions and for the wine, he produces its famous wines, using only the native vines and respecting the traditional and healthier production methods. The products are in fact marked by the European Union as IGP, to certify the Protected Geographical Indication.

Connoisseur Line

Exclusive Italian Product


IGP Sicily - Biological

Donna Nadine

IGP Sicily - Biological


IGP Sicily - Biological


IGP Sicily - Biological

Our Wines

Exclusive Italian Product

White Wines

IGP Sicily

Red Wines

IGP Sicily


IGP Sicily


of Sicily


Anno Domini 1770

Exclusive Italian Product


Sicily D.O.C.

Nero D'Avola

Sicily D.O.C.

The territory

Sicily, where the wine protagonist for centuries is rooted

  • Marsala

    Origin in the wine-making tradition

    The sun, the volcanic soil, warm winds, a fusion of harmony of tastes heady scents, provide the wines a bold, strong and mediterranean character.

  • Native Grapes

    Typically Sicilian Grapes

    The grape varieties, are one of the main tools for differentiation of wine production. The Sicilian grapes are characterized by high variability, subjected for years to selection by growers, who still select and multiply the best grapes considered, using the graft. The native Sicilian wine par excellence are Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Syrah, Catarratto, Nero d'Avola, Grillo, Insolia.

  • Local Materials

    As a Poem

    As recalled by Antonino Buttitta, the wine, as subjected to a fermentation process, suffered a similar fate to other gods of vegetation linked to the complex mythic rite of passage from life to death: the living juice grapes killed by fermentation was regenerated equipped a power that transported those who drank it in one dimension.

  • Wines Conte Manduca

    The excellence of Sicily. Art.

    Our story is about the best wines that come from the most fertile area of Sicily: Marsala. That part of western Sicily, which produces the best Sicilian wine, thanks to the salinity of the sea, the volcanic soil, warm sun, and the mountain air. The Conte Manduca has a large production of wines ranging from the best delicate white wines to full-bodied red wines fruity and fragrant liqueur wines like Marsala, Malvasia and Moscato. There are also spirits, such as Amaro Siciliano and Grappa Barricata of best bottles.

  • Vini Conte Manduca


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